[threecol_two]Where painting on canvas inherently has limitations, mixed media works of art provide a greater flexibility in style, composition and dimension. Mixed media only came into its own in the mid 20th century and will notably continue to evolve as it has over the past few decades.

Mixed media refers to any pieces that combines two or more mediums in a single, unified piece. It began with collage and the addition of objects and materials to paintings on canvas, but has grown to include a much wider range of styles and applications. As an exploration of traditional painting on canvas, I have worked with many different mediums from beads, stones, textiles and natural materials to paper, wood, clay and metal.

Each medium used in a work of art serves as a layer in the overall composition, telling a story and bringing a sense of movement and dimension to an otherwise flat design. It is generally more contemporary in style, but offers an intriguing perspective to art in the built environment. As you consider the right piece of art in your design know that you are not limited to a painting on a canvas or single sculpted work of art.

My Philosophy

Through my experience, I have learned that beauty exists in all things – even the small and simple. Mixed media artwork allows for the exploration and inclusion of the world’s many assets. It adds a dimension of individuality and uniqueness that can enhance the overall design of a space and build a deeper connection to the surrounding environment. Together, we can explore the best approach to creating art that reflects the goals of your client while bringing your vision to life. [/threecol_two][threecol_one_last]picture of Anna Donahue, Mural and Mixed Media Artist


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