August 6, 2015
August 24, 2015


Hiring an artist to paint what you want is called commissioning and that is what Anna Donahue does. “I do like to paint only what I feel like painting but I have found that most of my commissioned paintings have been very pleasing to me and to my clients. I enjoy creating something unique and beautiful and that is what most people want.” 

Producing art on commission requires a collaborative relationship between the artist and the client. Communication and flexibility are key ingredients to a successful outcome and Anna will work with you to achieve the painting you envision.  

Some of the commissioned artwork that Anna has finished include portraits, still life paintings on canvas, custom artwork and designs on wood panels, landscape paintings on canvas, hand lettering on walls, and even paintings on rocks. 

Even if you are not sure what you want, Anna can create something personal and creative for you. You may have a blank wall that needs a particular size painting or you may have an area that you are not sure about. Anna Donahue has interior design experience to help you find the solution. 

One of my favorite projects was painting a landscape from an area in southeast Kent County. The customer planned to build on the land and wanted a landscape to place above the mantel. We met on the property and took a walk around as I took several photos. I asked about their favorite attributes and took notes on specific elements that were important to them. Back in the studio I recreated the scene on canvas and worked the different elements into the painting. There was no photograph that perfectly mimicked the painting but the image was what the client asked for they were very pleased.”

Find out how to have original and significant artwork in your home or business.

Ask Anna to give you some suggestions for your creative visions. She will meet with you to discus your project and give you a time frame and a cost. 

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