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August 6, 2015
August 6, 2015



Express your individuality by commissioning Anna to create a mural.  A simple mural can be added to a small area or you may have a large wall that needs attention. Consider how you want your mural to enhance the environment.


In a home there are many options for murals in living rooms, foyers, kitchens and children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Owning an original mural will give you an opportunity to encourage awareness of art and change your environment into an imaginative and creative place.


For business you may want to incorporate your brand or use the mural to draw attention to your storefront. Public murals are an important way to bring art and culture into the public sphere. The beauty of a public mural is that there are no admission charges to experience it. Not many people actually take the time to enter an art gallery, especially one that charges an entrance fee. Art in public places brings art outside into the everyday environment and anyone can enjoy it.


The Process


A consultation with Anna will include a site survey with observations and recommendations for the best results. Your concepts along with Anna Donahue’s art knowledge will be the springboard to creating an original mural. A large mural can be related to a specific theme and incorporate personal images that you may want to include. 


Once the details are determined Anna will sketch a design and layout of the proposed mural. A contract for the project will include labor, materials and any other expenses so there are no surprises. 


Throughout the mural process you can discus your mural and work with Anna to achieve the desired results. This may be a unique opportunity to be a part of the creative process and you will have the satisfaction of realizing your creativity. 




What’s a Mural?

Murals today are a popular way to add an interesting design element to both interior and exterior surfaces. Any artwork that is painted directly on a wall or other large permanent surface is called a mural. A distinguishing characteristic of murals is that an architectural feature can be harmoniously incorporated into the picture. Sometimes murals can be painted on canvas and then attached to the permanent surface but murals are normally painted directly on plaster surfaces.

Anna Donahue is known for her detailed murals around West Michigan in both private residences and public places. Anna is a versatile artist with a background in commissioned work so many different styles are possible. Trompe l’oeil, a French term that means ‘trick the eye’ is a realistic style and dates back to the Renaissance.  Other techniques like impressionism are popular for landscape murals and garden scenes. More modern styles used in pop art and animation are very popular also and abstract styles are gaining momentum in the interior design field. 



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