May 20, 2015
May 20, 2015
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Why do Interior Designers know how to choose the best paint colors?
Why do Interior Designers know how to choose the best paint colors?

How do professional designers get interior paint colors right? What’s the secret to finding the perfect color for each room and why does it seem so easy for them? Designers use knowledge from many sources including psychology, art theory, history, architecture and the environment. But before finalizing their color concepts they ask these simple yet important questions:

1. What is the purpose of the room? If you are working in your kitchen a brighter color will be more functional. If you are relaxing, sleeping or watching movies then a deep solemn color will add the right atmosphere.

2. Do you like to keep up with the trends or do you have your own personal style? Right now the neutral shades of brown and gray are trending but if you like a particular historic style anything is in. Your personality should shine in your own home with whatever color you choose.

3. How do all of your rooms coordinate? You can choose five or six colors but you need continuity so that the house flows from room to room. Different colors need to complement each other as you walk through your home.

4. What kind of trim do you have? The paint or stain color of your trim will affect how your wall color looks. For example if you have white trim almost any color will work but if your trim is a dark stain you need to compliment that color.

5. Do you like shiny or flat? The new paint formulas are washable in any finish so you don’t have to go with shiny to get washable walls. Just choose the sheen you like with your interior design scheme.

Professional interior designers know how to take this information and plug it into their knowledge base to get the best colors for your painting project. Ask for help from a professional designer so you can have confidence in your final interior design decisions.


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